Why are people eating cannabis?

Eating cannabis is a method of consumption that has been around for hundreds of years. Recorded use of cannabis in food and drink dates back to 1000 BCE, where it was used ceremonially and medicinally by followers of Hindu. Fast forward to 2019 and eating cannabis edibles is still a hugely popular way to catch a buzz! Let’s take a look at why people love eating their cannabis so much.

Eating cannabis is discreet

Unlike smoking cannabis, taking a dab, or even vaping, edibles produce no lingering scent. If you live somewhere that does not permit smoking indoors, edibles are a great way to avoid needing to toke outdoors. Let’s be real, heading outside for a smoke break in the middle of winter in Mammoth can be less than ideal. Plus, they’re great on-the-go for when you don’t have the time to light up a joint.

You don’t have to smoke to get high

There are many reasons why people choose not to smoke, from health reasons to personal preference. However, that certainly doesn’t mean they don’t get to enjoy the benefits of cannabis like the rest of us! Edible cannabis offers a great way for non-smokers to partake. The availability of edible cannabis also helps to de-stigmatize cannabis use in general as it creates associations other than just smoking.

single dose edibleEdibles make it easy to dose accurately

Recreational cannabis laws in California require all products to be batch tested for cannabinoid content, among other things. These laws have also placed a ceiling on THC levels such that a single pack of edibles may contain no more than 100mg of THC. Edibles typically come in packs of 10 or 20, where each individual piece contains 10mg or 5mg THC respectively. The exact dosages may vary so make sure to double-check the packaging label for THC per piece. This allows consumers to dial in their perfect dose and consume a consistent dose every time.

Edibles taste great!

Nowadays there are so many different tasty treats that are infused with cannabis. You can get everything from cannabis-infused gummies and chocolate to pretzels and beverages. Eating an edible is like eating your favorite treat and getting high all in one. If that’s not a serious win-win I don’t know what is! 

It’s pretty easy to see why so many people are eating cannabis these days. At ASCENT we have a wide range of edibles including vegan, sugar-free, gluten-free, and kosher edibles so stop in and satisfy your snack tooth.