If you’re one of the 55 million adults in the US that use cannabis you’ll be happy to know that cannabis testing labs are working overtime to keep you safe. A trip to a licensed dispensary illustrates the endless selection of flower, edibles, tinctures, and topicals that pass through testing before reaching store shelves. Each state with legal cannabis has it’s own testing procedures to approve products for distribution and sale. Furthermore, the need for additional testing labs builds as the demand for licensed cannabis products continues to grow.

Why is Testing Important?

You only have to reference the recent vaping health crisis to understand why lab testing cannabis is so important. Had those products been obtained at a licensed cannabis dispensary, they would have been subject to a testing process. Ultimately dirty products are excluded from the possibility of sale.

The goal of the state compliance program is to keep the consumer safe from known health hazards. Moreover, it’s the same scrutiny that any consumer product is subject to.

Cannabis Testing Labs Identify Dirty Products

The kinds of things that the lab is testing for are things that you DO NOT want floating around inside your body. Just because a cannabis product comes in a flashy package and you bought it in a store, or even a dispensary, it doesn’t mean it’s clean. There’s only one way to know a cannabis product is free from harmful contaminants. Research the lab tests on file for that product. Legitimate cannabis brands gladly make this information available to their customers online.

cannabis testing

Once at the lab, cannabis products are tested for chemical compounds like pesticides and ethanol. These nasty toxins can become part of the plant during cultivation. Fungus, mold, and heavy metals are also ruled out before a product is deemed safe for human consumption.

Extra Benefits

There’s more to lab-tested cannabis products than simply making sure they’re clean and safe. A secondary benefit of the process is the total transparency it provides into formulation and potency. The consumer can know exactly what they’re about to put into their body and make the most informed choice possible.

As states legalize cannabis it will continue putting a strain on the already limited and overloaded cannabis testing labs nationwide. Currently, that part of the process can cause problems in the supply chain for any brand trying to compete for shelf space. If a product doesn’t pass the tough standards put forth by the state an entirely new batch will need to be submitted for testing. This is costly and time consuming for the cannabis brand. Nevertheless, the cannabis industry has no choice but to comply – a positive thing for the consumer. Our friendly cannabis experts at Ascent are ready to introduce you to some top-quality lab-tested, compliant cannabis. Visit us today!


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