The people voted and our city delivered! In accordance with local and state laws, recreational cannabis dispensaries in Mammoth Lakes, California are now a part of our daily lives.

Dispensaries in Mammoth Welcome Adults 21+

What does legal cannabis mean for the folks of Mammoth Lakes? It means that residents can purchase, possess, and consume cannabis in private residences. In addition, the days of requiring a medical marijuana recommendation from a doctor are long gone in many dispensaries in Mammoth. At ASCENT, anyone can buy cannabis products as long as they meet two requirements: all guests must be 21 years of age or older and they must present a valid, state-issued ID at check-in. That’s how simple it is! 

What does this mean for residents of another state or even another country who want to visit ASCENT? They too are able to visit the store and purchase cannabis legally as long as they meet the same two requirements. Out of country residents must present a valid passport at check-in.

Expect a Great Experience at ASCENT

What can you expect when you visit ASCENT? Expect to be greeted by smiling faces and knowledgeable budtenders upon your arrival. 

  • Be sure to have valid identification handy when coming in the door for a speedy check-in. 
  • After your budtender has verified your age and identity, they will hand you a shopping basket and you are free to browse the store.

ASCENT features a trademark open layout with all products stocked on shelves so guests can pick them up, read labels, and browse at their own pace. 

For those of us who like to ask a million different questions about products, strains, effects, and everything in between, the budtenders at ASCENT are happy to answer any all questions you may have. We will assist you in finding the perfect products for your needs and ensure that you leave the store with a smile on your face!