The cannabis industry continues to illustrate creativity by introducing new ways to use it in the medicinal and recreational space. Rolling a joint is no longer a necessary requirement of enjoying a cannabis high, neither is smoking. Therefore, if you haven’t been to a licensed cannabis dispensary lately these cannabis products will expand your horizons.

kiva chocolate barCannabis Edibles Dominate the Market

If you haven’t had a modern-day edible, you’re missing out! The best thing about today’s cannabis edibles is the precise dosing. Eating a pot brownie used to be like stepping off a ledge without a parachute, but that was the past. Now if you want to eat your cannabis you can find a variety of low dose options that make titration and micro-dosing much easier.

Choose from candies, baked goods, drinks, and drops to satisfy every kind of sweet tooth. Some of the most popular edibles are Kiva Confections and Plus Gummies. People love them for their top-quality and consistent formulation.

Take a Smoke Break and Try a Cannabis Vape

There’s nothing quite like inhaling the magical smoke of a dank flower strain, except vaping the premium concentrated oil. Cannabis vaping is a smoke-free, fast-acting way to enjoy your cannabis. A vape cartridge is only as good as the contents inside it. Look for C02 extracted formulas because those will be the cleanest. A variety of vape cartridges fill the dispensary shelves, but some brands produce clean, potent formulations you need to know about. Anything from Raw Garden or Cresco will provide a top-level cannabis experience.

Cannabis Products for Discretion

Cannabis tinctures are hands down the most discreet way to dose. These odorless drops can be taken directly under the tongue or added to your favorite food or drink. In addition, they can be used topically to relieve muscle aches and pains. There are a couple of tried and true cannabis tincture brands, Dr. Raw Organics and Papa & Barkley.

Great Cannabis Products Made by Great Cannabis Brands

Here at ASCENT we only partner with top cannabis brands. You can find the cannabis products featured here and many more for delivery on our online menu. Or one of our knowledgeable cannabis experts can assist you with your options in our welcoming Mammoth Lakes storefront.