Stress and anxiety can have a significant impact on your quality of life. Small amounts are perfectly normal. Facing these issues daily, however, can make it difficult to relax. When you sit down on the sofa after work or crawl into bed at night, you might find your mind racing. No matter what you do, you can’t stop focusing on what you need to do or what you could have done differently. The mental chaos can take a toll. Many people use cannabis products to help reduce stress and anxiety. If you’re considering an oil, here’s what you need to know about cannabis oil types to provide you with the calm you seek.


What Is Cannabis Oil?

Cannabis oil is a term that refers to any extract that comes from the cannabis plant. One of the most well-known is a cannabis tincture, which can be alcohol or oil-based. There is also a wide range of concentrates, such as BHO (butane hash oil), shatter, and wax. You’ll also find extracts in capsule form as well as in edibles.

Best Cannabis Oil Types to Try

With so many types of oils, you’re probably wondering which ones are best to try to help calm your mind and body. The truth is that it depends mainly on your personal preference. Vape oils offer fast-acting relief without the harmful effects that come with smoking. If you’re averse to inhaling anything, a tincture offers another option for quick relief. For the fastest results, apply your dose under your tongue.

You can use concentrates, but these products are incredibly potent. You can vape them, add them to a joint, or dab them. You can use them, but you should exercise caution. We’ll get into that a bit more below. If THC makes your stress or anxiety worse, you may want to avoid anything super potent, though.

Tips for Using Cannabis Oil for Calm

Here are a few tips that may help you in your quest to find a cannabis oil product for calm:

Try High CBD Oils

Studies show that CBD can help to alleviate stress and anxiety. As such, they may help to promote a calmer, more relaxed mind. Look for oils that have a high amount of CBD and low THC.

Microdosing High THC Oils

For some, THC can make stress and anxiety worse, especially in high amounts. That’s not to say THC is bad for anxiety. In fact, some studies show that low doses of THC can be beneficial. If you’re contemplating a high THC oil, consider microdosing.

Check the Terpene Profile

Many oils retain some, if not close to all, of the terpenes from the original plant. Some terpenes can help to enhance calmness. Look for oils that have:

  • Myrene
  • Limonene
  • Linalool
  • Caryophyllene

Cannabis oil can help to reduce stress and anxiety, bringing a sense of calm to your life. Finding the right type may take a bit of time and effort. Look at the cannabinoid content and terpene profile. Also, consider how you plan to use it. No matter what option you choose, start low, and work your way up to find your ideal dose. Don’t be afraid to experiment with different types of oils. With the right combination of product and dosage, you’re sure to find the calm you seek.