Just in the nick of time ASCENT cannabis dispensary launches its cannabis delivery service in the Mammoth Lakes area. When many businesses have been shuttered, cannabis has been designated an “essential service” during the recent Covid 19 virus. That means your relief is just a click away.

on demand cannabisASCENT is the first and only licensed cannabis dispensary in the Mammoth Lakes area with on-demand curbside service and delivery. Their extensive online menu features more than 500 premium lab-tested cannabis products. This is great news! Since it means relief is still available in this “socially distanced” world.

Cannabis Delivery to your Door

Simply click the GET STARTED button on the ASCENT homepage which will take you to the online menu. Then browse the menu and click to add desired cannabis products to your cart. If you are a new customer you will be asked to sign up and enter your name, address, phone, and DOB.

Once your ASCENT delivery arrives the friendly courier will check your ID. Be sure you’re at least 21 and your ID is valid. ASCENT is a Rec 21+ ONLY, NO medical per town of Mammoth Lakes Ordinance. This is a CASH upon delivery transaction so you’ll need to plan for that by having the appropriate amount of cash on hand.

Once you’ve paid the courier, they will hand over your cannabis products in a bag with a receipt attached. Easy Peasy.

Delivery Area

Currently, ASCENT cannabis delivery is servicing the Mammoth Lakes area. However, there are plans on the horizon to expand the service to June Lake, Crowley, and Bishop. According to the world population review, there are 6,521 adults in Mammoth Lakes. That’s 6,521 possible delivery customers for ASCENT now that the option is available, and they’re ready for you, believe it.

Why Should you Try Cannabis Delivery

Currently, it’s a no brainer. You’re not supposed to leave your house. However, once life gets back to normal and it will, the ASCENT cannabis delivery service will have your back. The best selection of top-quality cannabis products on the mountain makes this new delivery service a convenient way to find zen. During troubled times as well as times of peace and growth, it’s good to know help is on the way.

Delivery comes to you. With a little planning you can order up your favorite feel-good cannabis brands and like magic, they’re knocking on your door. For busy people this is key. For everyone else, it’s still key.

Convenient, Compliant, Relief 

You’ve known ASCENT since January 2019 as the most reliable, mountain friendly, cannabis dispensary in the Mammoth Lakes area. Nothing has changed except now they’ve leveled up to serve y’all better. The delivery is taking current times head-on, leveraging what’s possible with what’s needed to serve Mammoth cannabis customer’s smiles, relaxation, and relief. Order online for fast delivery.