The cannabis industry is one of the hottest industries to work in right now. As the market continues to expand there will be more opportunities and job openings in cannabis than ever before. Like any budding industry, there are so many different options for jobs based on your passions and skill set. So let’s take a look at some of the different cannabis careers so you can narrow down where you may fit in the industry! 


This is certainly the most common and well-known career in the cannabis industry. A budtender is the front of the store associate and the job typically entails talking about products and guiding customers through their purchases. 

As a budtender you will deal with all sorts of people, including folks who know every last piece of information there is to know about cannabis as well as people who don’t know the difference between THC and CBD. Although most people are somewhere in between, being a budtender requires a huge level of knowledge about cannabis and the particular products your store carries. 

Budtender is the perfect job for the outgoing, people-loving individual. It is also a wonderful place to start getting experience, as jobs in the cannabis industry are very competitive. 

Brand Representative

Brand representatives are becoming increasingly important in the cannabis industry, especially in California where the market is heavily brand-centric. A brand rep is basically just a salesperson, but for weed. 

Brand reps are the people who travel around to dispensaries and try to get their products out on the shelves. They work directly with dispensary management to coordinate orders, deliveries, and product demos for customers. Brand reps are essentially the liaison between dispensaries and brands.

This is also a great job for folks who are outgoing, as it requires a lot of communication with customers. Additionally, sales reps are always on the move so this position is favorable for someone who values travel.

Social Media Manager

All brands need a strong online presence and cannabis brands are no exception to this rule. A social media manager is someone who establishes and maintains the brand’s online image.

This job entails everything from aesthetics to reputation management. A social media manager is often in charge of things such as posting to Instagram and responding to reviews on Yelp or Google. This position promotes creativity and is great for someone who is a tech-savvy visionary. 

Cannabis Careers Are Suited For All Types

That is just three of the many potential career paths within the cannabis industry. Whether you are a computer scientist developing a point of sales system for dispensaries or an entrepreneur with an idea for a new line of edibles, there are ways to apply your personal skills to find a career in cannabis.