The implementation of new California recreational cannabis legislation has caused the market for cannabis businesses to expand rapidly. So, what do you need to know to navigate the changes in legality and the huge influx of new dispensaries, brands, and products?

California Recreational Cannabis Protocol

You must be 21 years of age or older with a valid, government-issued ID to purchase cannabis recreationally. 

You may purchase up to:

  • 28 ounces of dried cannabis flower
  • 1000 mg THC in edible form
  •  Up to 8 grams of concentrated cannabis per day. 

It is still illegal to sell cannabis to minors and it’s also illegal to consume cannabis anywhere that smoking tobacco is also prohibited. 

It’s important to note, cannabis is still federally illegal, and consumption of cannabis on federal land is also illegal. Among the areas in and around Mammoth Lakes that are federal land include Inyo National Park, Devil’s Postpile and Red’s Meadow. In addition, it’s also prohibited on the slopes of Mammoth Mountain.

Browse  Online Dispensary Menus

Now that you understand how the California recreational cannabis laws work, where do you start?  If you know what you’re looking for, you can simply browse through the online cannabis dispensary menus, to see if a particular store carries the item. If you are unsure of exactly what you want or need, the budtender at your dispensary of choice should be available to guide you through your options. 

Cannabis for Sale

Cannabis flower: This is the OG way to consume THC and chances are if you’re visiting a dispensary you already know one of your options is to smoke flower. Roll it up into a joint or pack it into a bowl and enjoy! It can also be vaped with an atomizer made for vaping flower.

Concentrates: These are just what they sound like, a concentrated form of cannabis. They can come loose in jars which are meant for taking dabs. Alternatively, cartridges come prefilled with concentrates and are meant to be attached to batteries and vaporized. This is a very potent and efficient way to consume cannabis.

Edibles: You can have your THC and eat it too! Edibles are delicious treats such as chocolate, baked goods, and gummies infused with THC and/or CBD. Remember that edibles have a slow buildup and can take anywhere from 30 min – 2 hours to fully kick in. Effects may last for up to 8 hours. For beginners, an edible containing anywhere from 2.5mg-10mg is a good place to start.

The California recreational cannabis law is important to understand when you’re considering using cannabis. It outlines where you can use cannabis and how much you’re allowed to possess. Once informed, it’s time to find your mountain high. Order from online dispensary menus or visit ASCENT and browse our outstanding selection.